Projects on Babelzilla

Babelzilla it the web-service for localizing Mozilla addons.

An enhanced text formatter for GaiaOnline Forums, Private Messages, Guilds, and Profile comments.

Resources: , option.dtd

This add-on provides a combined Get/Send-Button and a popup menu with additional functions. The add-on was formerly known as "MagicSLR".

Resources: getsendbutton-pref.dtd , getsendbutton.dtd ,

A User Script Manager for Firefox

Resources: gm-addons.dtd , greasemonkey.dtd , , gm-cludes.dtd

** NOT for Translations!! ** (Only to test the System, options, etc)

Resources: option.dtd , overlay.dtd , , opt_lang.dtd

** Translations WELCOMED! **     -     "Maximize your screen space", "Multiple Configurable Actions! ..."

Resources: option.dtd , overlay.dtd , , opt_lang.dtd

Nightingale LastFM add-on

Resources: overlay.dtd ,

Fork of Mozilla Labs Prospector Oneliner 2

Resources: No resources in this project.

Resources: optionwindow.dtd , ,

Tool for managing the default action when you click a "mailto:" link. Specializing in sharing details for Webmail services.

Resources: , , app.dtd

Nightingale mashTape add-on

Resources: , overlay.dtd , options.dtd

A simple extension to search Transvision database for translation.

Resources: moztran.dtd

Capture and edit screenshots of anything on any monitor

Resources: main.dtd ,

This repository is for testing Transifex, nothing here will be officially released.

Resources: songbird.dtd , help.dtd , , preferences.dtd

L10n of Nightingale Media Player

Resources: songbird.dtd , help.dtd , , preferences.dtd

Translation of the Nightingale static Website. Currently only the firstrun, launch and dashboard pages are localized.

Resources: ,

Quickly hide all browser windows with a click of a button.

Resources: panicbutton.dtd ,

Run, Bike, Hike... allow you to record your running or biking sessions, so you can follow your sporting progress.


Send a list of browser tab URLs to email or the clipboard

Resources: , sendtabs.dtd

Nightingale SHOUTcast Radio add-on

Resources: , , overlay.dtd , options.dtd

SmartTemplate4 offers an easy way to customize Thunderbirds default quote header by using templates.

Resources: smartTemplate-settings.dtd , , smartTemplate-overlay.dtd , smartTemplate-accountManager.dtd